Saturday , 21 January 2017
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President Rohani to make a critical decision

Dr Behrooz Behbudi
Dr Behrooz Behbudi

The current challenge of people of Iran is the present critical conditions of the political perspective of Iran. At the threshold of two important upcoming elections we witness circumstances which are unbelievable. Although we admit that lifting of sanctions is a relatively big achievement for Rohani’s government, still there are lots of things for him to do. People who strongly voted for Rohani are people who had been deprived of many primary rights within a real democracy. Among many difficulties the people have been facing during the recent three decades including war, inflation, lack of freedom of expression, inequality of men’s and women’s rights, suppressing any liberal movement seeking freedom, imprisonment of democrat leaders of people, the most dangerous is monopolist policies which does not recognize any other thoughts and ideas and wings inside the system let alone the dissidents or opposition groups. Ninety nine percent of the candidates are refused to be competent for being elected in the upcoming elections of Islamic Consultative Assembly as well as Assembly of Experts which is a disastrous statistics. It was so considerable and obvious that even Rohani also expressed his concerns about this phenomenon stating that a wing which has ten million advocates must not be deprived of being elected. It is a big concern for all democratic institutes and societies representing millions and innumerable people who even by far and several times exceed the number of the people advocating the ruling and dominant wing. Thanks to the recent international achievements and lifting of sanctions, Rohani has the support of not only millions of people who voted for him but also relatively the world’s support, too. It is the time for him with no dread to stand against this monopoly the end of which is what happened to the people of Syria or Iraq.
Khamenei himself admits the importance of people to vote as he frequently says: “Vote even if you disagree with Islamic Republic.”although he ignores the most basic right of the same people to vote for their own favorite candidate not merely those selected or appointed by him or the Guardian Council. The power of people is undeniable. We hope Rohani will take the people serious. He is the incumbent president and it is very difficult for the ruling wing led by Khamenei to oust him. The Iranian nation will open its way to democracy soon but Rohani’s presence and standing side by side of the people will diminish the price that must be paid to reach democracy. The whole history and even the contemporary history of the recent century and decades showed that no dictatorship will remain in power for ever. The only difference is the price that a nation pays for democracy. Rohani is at the threshold of a turning point, an era in which his correct decision to stand beside the people can change the destiny of people of Iran. We hope he will not miss this unique opportunity to get democracy back to Iran.

Dr. Behrooz Behbudi
Vancouver, Canada