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Mistake in comparing Khatami and Rohani/ Ali Afshari

This Article was translated to English by the Editorial Board of Center for a Democratic Iran

Ali Afshari
Ali Afshari

Lapse of time and weakness of the memory of the political and civil activists of Iran and the intentional and oriented actions of certain individuals to falsify the problems have caused a kind of opinion that Hassan Rohani has been stronger than Khatami in political field and has opposed sharper or has gotten a better result.
This opinion is totally unreal. It is true that Rohani is more political than Khatami or perhaps even he has a better execution power but from safe politics viewpoint, commitment to liberalism, and democratic criteria there is a big difference between Mohammad Khatami and Hassan Rohani. As a matter of fact superiority of Rohani pertains to the negative aspects of political action which in a radical point of view is the cause of duration of historical difficulties of the country. The comparison of the heads of government’s stances in the seventh and tenth parliaments against rejection of competencies well reveals that contrary to the opinions of Rohani’s uproarious propagandists that a number of whom haven’t experienced the years of reformism or were somehow far, Khatami protested more essentially and stronger. The importance of this becomes clear when we see the number and the intensity of rejection of competency in the seventh parliament was less than the tenth parliament. Khatami even threatened to cancel the elections and his governor generals had stronger stances. But Rohani is happy with his favorite speech-therapy and insisting on and bound to the act and law which, within the actual and legal structure of power, expanded hand (high power) of the Guardian Council and determining of the competition limitations of elections by expediency discerning of the leader, is unbreakable hasn’t shown any perspective of an effective and appropriate action. His emphasis on that elections must not be only for the appointed of one wing in the place of the head of a government is nothing but a political compliment and doesn’t have a value as long as it doesn’t change into an appropriate action and will not change anything in the conditions. A president is not a political activist to give guides and recommendations or criticism or denouncing the radicalists but he must have a practical plan to expand the justice he claims. In an optimistic view it is simplemindedness and in a pessimistic view it is a deceitful and demagogical policy that although aware of obstacles one thinks that by being president via people’s voting in Islamic Republic he can solve the problems by oration-like lecturing and consultations behind the curtain with the main commander of rejections of competencies!
Khatami has by far better defendable records and more achievements in the internal and cultural policies than Rohani. Of course he had considerable weaknesses and I was and I am a critic of his leniencies but he worked better in comparison with Hassan Rohani. It is far from fairness and respect toward historical realities to ignore these differences or show them conversely.

Source: fb/Ali Afshari